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Apache County Arizona Sheriff’s Office Praise WOLFCOM Body Cameras!

St. JOHNS, AZ- The Apache County Arizona Sheriff’s Office recently purchased 6 WOLFCOM VISION police body cameras. The purchase also included 1 docking station.

“At WOLFCOM, we always love hearing good feedback from the officers and deputies that use our body cameras every day. We specifically designed our VISION body camera with the features and qualities officers who use them prefer. We’re happy to provide the latest in body camera technology to the deputies of the Apache County Sheriff’s Office, because deputies and cops deserve the best!” said WOLFCOM Founder Peter Austin Onruang.

Sgt. Rubin Garcia works with the body cameras every day and oversees the office’s body camera program. He says his agency welcomes the VISIONS as useful tools for their deputies.  

“They’re pretty good. They take clear video; you can pick up every detail. They active very quickly and are easy to download… I also like that the body camera has a lot of room to record video,” said Garcia.  

“The first few times I used it, I had the public awareness light (PAL) on and a person I was talking to noticed the light on and realized he was being recorded and his behavior changed real quick,” said Garcia.  

“Our deputies like them a lot and we mostly wear them on our chests. Our body camera policy is that we basically turn it on every time we come in contact with someone,” said Garcia.